Farewell to 2023: My Year in Review

2024 Happy New Year

As I prepare to say farewell to 2023, I find myself at somewhat of a crossroads both personally and professionally. This past year went by quickly as there always seemed to be something to do, or deadlines to meet. There was also a fair amount unexpected closure due to dealing with the deaths of two important people in my life: my aunt/godmother in October, and a dear college friend, two months prior (in August 2023). Professional closure came as well as I decided to shut down my online course website, Research, Write, Connect, and then just a few months ago I learned that Internet Genealogy Magazine was going to cease publication (I was a regular contributor for more than 15 years and I will miss working with them).

But 2023 had many bright spots as well. I continued writing articles for Family Tree Magazine and became a regular contributor for Reunions Magazine. I also moderated classes for Family Tree Univesity and presented webinars for Legacy Family Tree Webinars (my September 2023 webinar on “50 Family History Writing Tips in 50 Minutes” made their Top 10 list for October). I also presented webinars for a host of genealogical societies (I enjoy giving virtual presentations) and delivered 5 in-person lectures for The Czechoslovak Genealogical Soceity International Conferene in Milwaukee, Wisonsin in October 2023.

When I looked back to see what my post was last year on December 31st I was surprised to realize that I had not written one!  I don’t remember why but there must have been a good reason.  At any rate, in previous years I had summarized key things that I accomplished in my genealogy research and as a writer and lecturer. I also started choosing a word for the coming year. In my “Farewell 2021: My Year in Review” post, I chose the word RESET as my word for 2022. It was a fitting choice as I implemented changes in my daily routine and my work.

Since I didn’t choose a word for 2023, I need to start again with choosing a word for the coming year.  For 2024, I have seleted the word DETERMINED.

The definition of “determined” according to Dictionary.com is:

  1. adjective
    resolute; staunch:
  2. decided; settled; resolved.

I like this word because it sums up my attitude moving into this new year.

So, in 2024, I am determined to:

1. Write more. I have made good, steady progress on a creative nonfiction book that is long overdue for publication. And I have several other ideas for other writing projects that I need to start working on, including sharing more stories about my ancestors Stay tuned for updates.

2. Stress less. I need to have more of a work-life balance. I work all the time and I want to try to work smarter, not harder in 2024 so I can spend more time with my husband, and plan more in-person visits with family and friends. I will also schedule time for myself to rest and relax.

3. Declutter and organize. Four years ago I parted with a lot of possesions due to downsizing and the sale of our house. But i still have A LOT of stuff! Since space is at a premium (and I want to be ready for our next move wheneve the time comes(. I plan to actively start a routine of sorting through documents, photographs, and other possessions and only keep what I feel is most important and meaningful. It is an ongoing process.

I am looking forward to 2024. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead.

As always, I would like to extend a special thank you to my readers for your continued support

I wish you health, happiness, and peace.


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