Top 10 in ’10

Another year is drawing to a close. It’s the time for reflection and resolutions. Last year I listed my Top Ten Genealogical Moments for 2009. So, it’s time to do it again.

Lisa’s Top Ten Genealogical Moments for 2010

10. Participation as a speaker at the Family History Expos in Mesa, AZ, Loveland, CO, Kansas City, MO, Salt Lake City (Sandy), UT, Pleasanton, CA, and Atlanta, GA. I also spoke at a number of other venues including Ottawa, Canada, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, PA, and various places in New York.

9. Visiting with many of my fellow Geneabloggers–some I’ve known for awhile and others I met for the first time.

8. A weekend in New York City with fellow genealogists/friends highlighted by a visit to Ellis Island, dinner in Little Italy, and also at a Polish restaurant in Brooklyn.

7. Having my articles published in Ancestry Magazine, Discovering Family History Magazine, Family Tree Magazine, Family Chronicle Magazine, Internet Genealogy Magazine, and The Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly.

5. A chance to visit with friends and colleagues during the National Genealogical Society conference in Salt Lake City, UT.

4. Learning that my great-grandfather Ján Alzo was a “bird of passage” and locating two records showing his passage to the United States during the 1890s.

3. My trip to Slovakia! It took me 15 years to get there and it was so worth the wait! I had the opportunity to visit three out of four of my ancestral villages (see my posts: Sojourn in Slovakia).

2. Bringing Grandma back home by posing for a picture in front of the sign for Milpos, Slovakia–my grandmother’s birthplace holding a copy of my book Three Slovak Women.

And, my number one genealogical moment of 2010 (drumroll…)

1. Meeting my Alzo cousins in Kucín–especially my cousin Renata, her husband, Robert, and her parents. A moment I will never forget! (See: Sojourn in Slovakia).

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