I’ve Got a Confession to Make…

I’ve got a confession to make….

No, I didn’t do something awful. Actually, quite the opposite. I’ve done something I feel really good about. I signed up to be a contributor to a new Blog: The Catholic Gene, a Blog “dedicated to the faith of our fathers and mothers…and their ancestors. This Blog was launched by my friend and fellow genealogist, Donna Pointkouski, who also writes another Blog, “What’s Past Is Prologue,” and will feature articles by a diverse group of authors who share a strong Catholic identity and a love for genealogy.

Besides Donna, and yours truly, you’ll find several other noted genealogists and bloggers among the regular contributors including:

Cecile Marie Agata Wendt Jensen (Ceil) of Michigan Polonia and the Polonica Americana Research Institute (PARI).; Jasia from the Creative Gene; Steve Danko from Steve’s Genealogy Blog; Lisa/Smallest Leaf from 100 Years in America; Sheri Fenley from The Educated Genealogist; Craign Manson from Geneablogie; and Denise Levenick from The Family Curator. and from time to time even a post from the famous footnoteMaven.

I’m honored to be in their company and look forward to writing my memories about growing up Roman Catholic and my time at Catholic school.

Drop by and check out TCG. You’ll read a great collection of posts and even get to see pics of the contributors in their first communion or wedding attire!

P.S. Sorry for the confession pun…I just couldn’t resist!

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