Celebrating Women’s History Month:1 March 2016: Fearless Females Who Have Influenced, Informed and Inspired Me

Today is the start of National Women’s History Month. Yesterday I announced that I am running the Fearless Females Blogging Prompts Series here on my blog again this year.

For my own 2016 posts, I have decided to write about those women who have influenced, informed, and inspired me.  I plan to write about family, friends, colleagues mentors and other women whom I admire. 

For my first post I have chosen to write about my mother, Anna. This year will mark 16 years since mom passed away, but I feel her presence and influence every day.  Her voice is always there in my ear guiding me in my daily decisions. I often find myself wondering how she would handle a particular challenge or difficult situation, and I follow my heart. My mother never went to college, but she was so smart, and very good with details and she always pushed me to do my best in school and in my work. I remember calling her from college whenever I had a tough day or thought I did not perform well on an exam. She always asked “Did you do your best?” When I said “Yes,” then she would reply, “Then don’t worry, I am sure all will be fine.” And it was. Usually, the perceived failure was all in my own mind and the next time we talked I happily told her I received an “A” on that exam. 

My mother also inspired me with her kindness. She helped her family in any way she could whether it was giving of her time or her money. I try to do the same whenever I can. 

Although my mother never had the chance to see the career I have built as a writer and genealogy professional, I hope that she knows what a role she has played in my success. In my post Ten Genealogy Lessons I Learned from My Mother, I listed some of the life lessons she taught me and how I have applied them in my work. My mother was the best role model.

Thank you Mom, for influencing, informing, and inspiring me.

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