Genealogy Boot Camp: Special Holiday Edition! Saturday 29 November 2014

What do you get when you combine two educators who love to share their knowledge about genealogy, with a holiday theme, and some really great prize giveaways?  

The answer is: The Hack Genealogy Holiday Special Boot Camp to be held online on Saturday 29 November 2014  from 7:00 – 10:30 pm Eastern / 6:00 – 9:30 pm Central.  

I am pleased to be co-hosting this event with my colleague, Thomas MacEntee.  

If you’ve attended one of our boot camps before, or have watched the recordings, then you are familiar with our approach: High quality instruction and handouts delivered in an intimidation-free environment.  If you haven’t yet experienced Boot Camp, here is a great opportunity to check it out.  

But don’t delay…there are only 500 seats available.  And, did I mention we are giving away prizes?


Here is the official announcement for the the Holiday Boot Camp from Hack Genealogy:

holiday specia boot campl
We have a very special Boot Camp experience for you this year. In celebration of our first year providing these exciting and fun genealogy education events, and to get into the holiday spirit, Lisa and I are holding our very first Holiday Special Boot Camp!
We realize that starting in late November and through December, it can be difficult to schedule anything related to genealogy. That’s why you won’t find many genealogy conferences or even online events to attend. Most genealogists are busy preparing for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and even Festivus (December 23 if you forgot). And while these events often involve family stories and relatives asking about family history, we tend to push the education aspect aside. Well not this year.

A Good Old-Fashioned Variety Show

Lisa Alzo and Thomas MacEntee
Do you remember watching variety shows on television as a kid? Here in the United States, we had weekly shows hosted by Ed Sullivan, Carol Burnett and others. But around Christmas, there would also be “holiday specials” by stars such as Bob Hope, Sonny and Cher, The Carpenters and The Osmond Family.
Sure, looking back now they may seem odd or even hokey, but there was something about them that made Christmas and other holidays seem special. And they covered just about everything, right? Some music, some funny skits, some storytelling, some Christmas carols.
So in the spirit of the holiday season, we’ve decided that this month’s Boot Camp won’t focus on just one topic as we’ve done in the past. The Holiday Special Boot Camp will cover a variety of topics, some selected by Lisa, some of my favorites, and some submitted by you, the attendees! And wait until you see what we have in store! This Boot Camp is so unusual, and not like previous events, that we should be calling it the Un-Boot Camp! 

A Different Time, A Different Price, A Whole Different Boot Camp

So do you want to join us for some holiday fun and also learn some new genealogy tips and tricks? Here’s what you need to know:
Title: Holiday Special Boot Camp
Grab Bag!
Saturday 29 November 2014
7:00 – 10:30 pm Eastern / 6:00 – 9:30 pm Central
Join us on the Saturday after Thanksgiving for this special event when Lisa and I will share our knowledge of genealogy with you, we’ll have a few laughs and maybe even sing a few songs! And we’ll have contest and door prizes too!
To register, click hereThere are only 500 spaces available.
Otherwise, you can watch the recording starting on Monday 1 December 2014. And as an incentive, we’ll be giving away special prizes for those who watch the recording!

What is PWYW?

So how much does all this cost? Is it free? Well, it is sort of free. Normally, the full price for a Hack Genealogy Boot Camp is $12.95 with an early bird discount of $9.95. With that you receive 3.5 hours of live instruction, over 20 pages of handouts and templates, and access to the recordings.
Since this month’s Boot Camp uses a different format and since we’ll be covering a variety of topics, we’ve decided to use a Pay What You Want model. This means that you decide how much this knowledge is worth to you. You can donate $5, $10, the regular $12.95 or even more. We know some people will likely throw in a few dollars just to say thanks for making the Boot Camp concept available. It doesn’t matter what you pay or if you pay. Lisa and I just want you to come ready to learn and to have fun.
After you register you’ll see a Donate button and we’ll keep that button active between now and even after the Holiday Special Boot Camp. And those who just watch the recording may want to contribute, especially once they realize they’ve learned some new genealogy tricks. Click here if you would like to make your donation right now.

[Note:  25% of the proceeds will go to the Preserve the Pensions project initiative of the Federation of Genealogical Societies]

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