Save Now, Start Later! Summer Writing School is in Session

Are you still struggling to write your family history?  Need some guidance on how to get started or how to pick up on that family narrative you worked on previously but never finished? Our popular Write Stuff Genealogy Intensive Writing courses can help get you back into the writing groove!

Think of it as “summer school” for the family history writer!  Too busy to work on your project now? Enroll this week and save 30% on The Write Stuff I and the Write Stuff II, so you can save now, and start later!  The offer is good until Thursday 24 May 2018 (11:59 p.m. Eastern time).

The Write Stuff I: Build Your Family History Writing Skills – click here to register – save 30% with coupon code:  write

The Write Stuff II: Expand Your Family History Writing Skills – click here to register – save 30% with coupon code:  continue

What is the Write Stuff Genealogy Intensive?
The Write Stuff experience consists of an online self-paced instruction. You can start and complete whenever it is most convenient for your schedule. You will be guided through practical assignments with videos and resources for each topic and have access to a private Facebook group where you can interact with your writing coach and fellow family history writers and receive feedback.  

The Write Stuff I:  Build Your Family History Writing Skills will take you through the basics of jumpstarting your writing project through goal-setting, finding your focus, creating a storyboard and working on writing profiles and longer narratives.

Write Stuff II:  Expand Your Family History Writing Skills follows on from Write Stuff I, so you can pick up from where you left off, or even start a new project if you prefer. It’s time to get your writing groove back! You will learn about how to create a story structure that works, how to write fabulous history scenes, how to use creative nonfiction writing techniques to write a better family history, the best ways to handle footnotes/endnotes and citations, how to revise your prose, and much more!

Note: It is highly recommended that you take the Write Stuff I course prior to taking Write Stuff II.

Since 2014, The Write Stuff intensives have helped and inspired family historians to write, publish, and share their stories. Several participants have even seen success with self-publishing or with having their works featured in society newsletters and family history displays. Click here to read what some of our students are saying about The Write Stuff Intensives. 

You can take the Write Stuff courses whether you are at home or on the road, sitting on your deck or by the pool.  So, take advantage of the long summer days and dedicate some time to finishing that family history! 

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When is the Right Time to Tell Your Story? Write NOW! Save 30% on Popular Writing Course

Do you have a family history project on the back burner? A novel inside your head you have always wanted to write? A half-written nonfiction manuscript stashed somewhere on your computer’s hard drive?  Why not start now?

Writing is not just for the winter months. In fact, I think summer is the perfect time to tap into your creativity and finally get that first draft in place! With your laptop, tablet, and writing software, you can write anywhere–at your favorite outdoor cafe, the park, the beach, or even your backyard!

If you are ready, here are three tips to help you to stop dreaming and start writing.

1. Keep it simple. There is no rule that says you have to write a 250-page book or write about everyone in your family tree. A series of profiles or smaller stories about significant events are more likely to entice the non-genealogists in your family to read what you’ve written. Pick your favorite ancestor, memory, or family story and create a mind map. A mind map involves randomly listing your ideas on a piece of paper or inputting them into a software program to create an initial picture of what you want to write about. [You can read about Mind Maps here]. The next step is to create an outline or storyboard to plot out your project. My favorite software for this task is Scrivener by Literature and Latte. It is available for purchase for Windows or Mac, and there is a 30-Day free trial available. [Note: I am a Scrivener affiliate, so if you click on the Scrivener for Windows or Mac links and make a purchase, I receive a small commission.  This does not increase the price you pay as a consumer, it simply helps to supplement my income].

2. One page at a time. You may have heard that old adage: “When eating an elephant, take one bite at a time.”  The same applies to writing. Tackle it one page at a time! Even if you just wrote 500 words per week, you would be making progress. Begin with a small time commitment such as 15 minutes per day (come on, we can all find 15 minutes!) and then work your way up to longer sessions. Schedule this time on your calendar, block out all other distractions, and set an alarm or timer. Write until the alarm or timer sounds. The goal is to write something—anything.  Remember: You can’t edit a blank page!

3. Get a push from your peers. Are you having trouble committing to writing your family history or your memoir?  Perhaps a summer writing course where you can receive feedback from a writing instructor and interact with fellow writers? Well, I have just the course ready and waiting (continue reading below). 

Need some motivation?  I can help. I bring over 30 years’ experience as a widely published nonfiction author and a passion to coach those who aspire to write a family history!

For you my loyal readers I have an exclusive special discount to inspire you to start that family history writing project!

[The course advertised below is part of my business as a freelance writer, instructor, and lecturer]

Save 30% off The Write Stuff Genealogy Intensive through June 4, 2017!

First 15 Registrants receive a FREE consultation!

My popular family history writing course has a new format. It’s now self-paced and available anytime you wish to start. 

Here are the highlights:

  • The course is self-paced with no start and end dates. You choose when to begin, and work through each of the five assignments according to your own schedule. Working on one assignment per week is recommended, but it is up to you.
  • There are five instructional videos, plus a bonus video on top writing tips.
  • You gain membership to a private Facebook Group, which is only available to those who purchased the course. Whether or not you choose to participate is for you to decide, but the group serves as a “virtual meeting room” and the hub of activity.  If you submit your assignments to the group, I will provide my feedback, and others in the group may also choose to comment. 
  • It is a collaborative environment where we learn from each other.The Facebook Group will remain open and you will have indefinite access to the group and all the materials posted there.
  • If you are one of the first 15 people to sign up, you will receive one 15-minute consultation with me either over Skype or telephone.

To learn more and register, click HERE

Enter coupon code writenow in the coupon code box to save 30% off the $129 regular course price.

This is the perfect way to jumpstart a family history writing project!

HURRY–Offer expires 4 June 2017 AT 11:59 P.M. EST.

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