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As we brace for winter storm Harper here in the Northeast, I am already planning my weekend in my writer’s cave to work on writing some family history stories. 

Whether you will be snowed in, or even if you are lucky to escape the cold and ice, if you would like to join me and work on your own family history, you can take 40% off all of my popular Write Stuff courses!

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The Write Stuff I and II

Included in the courses are instructional videos, practical and realistic assignments, checklists, resources and each course has a private Facebook group where you can get valuable feedback from your instructor (me) and your peers!

Both courses are self-paced, with NO start or end dates.  You can SAVE NOW, and start whenever you are ready (even if it is later this year!)

The Write Stuff: Telling the Story

The Write Stuff: Telling the Story

There are no start or end dates. Materials are organized into weekly lessons. Here’s the breakdown week by week:

There are no start or end dates. Materials are organized into weekly lessons. Here’s the breakdown week by week:

  • Week 1 – Setting Writing Goals
  • Week 2 – Plot, Plan, and Scheme: Storyboard Your Family History Project
  • Week 3 – Tap into Family Treasures
  • Week 4 – Character Development through Oral History and Profile
  • Week 5 – Shaping Your Story Using Plot and Structure

Learn more about The Write Stuff: Telling the Story course here.

The 40% discount also applies to The Write Stuff: Telling the Story: Homeschool Edition. Learn more here.

The Write Stuff: Advancing the Story

The Write Stuff II: Advancing the Story

There are no start or end dates. Materials are organized into weekly lessons. Here’s the breakdown week by week:

  • Week 1: Creating a Workable Story Structure
  • Week 2: Writing Fabulous Family History Scenes
  • Week 3: Using Creative Nonfiction Writing Techniques
  • Week 4: Handling Citations
  • Week 5: Revising Your Existing Prose
  • Week 6: Bonus Lesson: Print and Electronic Options for Sharing and Publishing

Learn more about The Write Stuff: Advancing the Story course here.

New! The Write Stuff III

The Write Stuff III: Selling the Story

The new course The Write Stuff III: Selling the Story will help push you beyond a basic family history. Learn how to capitalize on your winning idea and make money!

The course is self-paced, with NO start or end dates.  You can SAVE NOW, and start whenever you are ready! You will learn how to find your niche, write a “hook chapter” and receive 1:1 feedback from a published writer with three decades of success as an author.
Discover your voice, develop your style, and sell your story!
Although the course is self-paced, you may find a weekly schedule works best for you. In this case, here is a breakdown of the lessons:
  • Week 1: Identifying a Compelling Story
  • Week 2: Before You Go Big: Practical, Ethical, and Legal Considerations
  • Week 3: Developing Story Arcs: Planning the Route to Success
  • Week 4: Ready, Set, Write: Mastering the Elements of Character and Setting
  • Week 5: Writing the “Hook” Chapter
  • Week 6: (Bonus): Selling Your Story

Learn more about The Write Stuff III: Selling the Story course here
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