Celebrating 14 Years of Blogging: Reflecting Back and Looking Forward

Today marks the 14th anniversary of this blog!  It seems like yesterday since my first post on June 28, 2006!

When I created this blog, my goal was pretty simple: to share information about my two favorite topics: writing and genealogy! 

My second blog post detailed why I decided to name my blog “The Accidental Genealogist.” In it, I wrote:

“Here I’ll share my thoughts, experiences, profiles on some of my favorite ancestors, and other useful information for genealogists who like to write, as well as tips on writing and publishing for writers who happen to be genealogists.” 

A lot has happened in the genealogy world over the past 14 years both in my personal research and in my role as a writer and educator.  I have enjoyed sharing news about my personal goals, books, speaking engagements, research finds, travel to my ancestral villages, and more. I participated in Blog carnivals and challenges, and even created my own blogging prompt series “Fearless Females” in 2010 to help share stories of female ancestors in March during Women’s History Month. 

I have written about research challenges I have tackled and have also had the opportunity to connect with cousins and fellow researchers around the globe.  

On the professional side, I have shared posts about new databases [affiliate link], software, and other technology tools such as Scrivener [affiliate link] to help with the research process, and writing family history, and online education opportunities I provide with my own webinar bundles, and through Research, Write, Connect AcademyThe National Institute for Genealogical Studies, and Legacy Family Tree Webinars [affiliate link].

(See my post “Five Ways to Learn Virtually with The Accidental Genealogist“)

A Look Ahead

As a result of the  COVID-19 pandemic, all of my 2020 scheduled in-person appearances were either cancelled, rescheduled to virtual presentations, or postponed until 2021,  This has provided more time for me to look further into my family history, finish some writing projects, and develop more educational materials. 

As my research interests change and my business evolves, I recognize the importance of being able to pivot and try new things. I have plans to change my websites and newsletter, and I have a new blog in the works too. Stay tuned!

A Word of Thanks

Thank you to everyone who has commented on this blog over the years, contacted me via email, or approached me at a conference or speaking engagement to tell me how much they have enjoyed reading my posts.  I appreciate your encouragement and support.

[While I have turned off the comments function of this blog for now, readers are welcome to contact me through the contact form at the top of this page.] 

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All Rights Reserved

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