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We are in the final week of Women’s History Month, but there is still time to research your elusive female ancestors and learn some new research skills and techniques.

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1. Ladies First: Finding Your Female Ancestors (webinar + handout)

2. Ten Ways to Tell Your Female Ancestors’ Stories (webinar + handout)

3. Three Slovak Women: Telling the Story of One Slovak-American Family Using Oral and Social History (webinar + handout)

Finding Your Female Ancestors Webinar Bundle

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Last Chance: Save 30% on New Finding Your Female Ancestors Course

If you haven’t checked out the brand new course Finding Your Female Ancestors available at Research, Write, Connect there is still time to take 30% off the regular price.

This course is packed full of information from my 30+ years of researching female ancestors! 

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Here’s What You’ll Learn

By taking this course today, you will quickly overcome the common challenges of missing maiden names and male-dominated record sets to finally find the females in your family tree. Get strategies and methods to help you tell “her” story!

Course Highlights

  • Work on your own schedule.
  • Weekly Lessons: Pace your learning. You will receive four lessons emailed to you on a weekly basis (one lesson per week).
  • Tips and Techniques: Detailed lessons and instructional videos will show you successful strategies for finding your female ancestors.
  • Measure Your Progress: Checklists, worksheets, and self-graded assessments will help keep you on track and measure your progress.
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