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Each bundle contains video file links for each presentation (hosted on Vimeo), plus the syllabus materials/handouts.

New Titles Added

Two new titles have been added:

Genealogy Dark Side Bundle

Three webinars and 14 pages of syllabus materials:

1. Cause of Death: Using Coroner’s Records for Genealogy – This presentation covers where to find coroner’s records and how to mine them for genealogy research clues.
2. Diseases, Disasters, Distress: Bad for Your Ancestors, Good for Genealogy!– This presentation will discuss five ways to learn how diseases, disasters, and distress may have impacted your family’s history.
3. Make Those Skeletons Dance: Exploring Your Family’s Dark Side – When you start digging into your family’s past, “You never know what you’re gonna get.” If you suspect a few black sheep lurking in your family tree, this session will show you how to hunt them down, bust through the speculation, and tell the real story.

Timesaving Tools for the Family Historian Webinar Bundle

Three webinars and 10 pages of syllabus materials:

1. Storyboard Your Family History – Learn how a storyboard can help you jumpstart and improve your writing.2. Scrivener for Easier Family History Writing Projects – Get an overview of how to use Scrivener for your writing projects.3. Trello for Genealogists – Learn how to use Trello as a virtual whiteboard for organizing and managing your research and writing projects.

Other Great Webinar Bundles

You can also get any of these webinar bundles for 50% off during the sale:

Share Your Stories Webinar Bundle

Finding Your Female Ancestors (Volume I) Webinar Bundle

Beginning Genealogy Webinar Bundle

Eastern European Genealogy (Volume I) Webinar Bundle

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