Five Free Scrivener Resources to Help You Share Your Stories

Are you struggling with writing your family history? Looking for a tool that can streamline the process? 

If you haven’t yet tried Scrivener–a multifaceted writing and project management tool that you can use to plan, organize, and write your family history–then perhaps 2018 is the year you will want to take it for a test drive. 

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Scrivener, developed by the company Literature and Latte.  I started using Scrivener back in 2011 and first mentioned its usefulness as a writing tool for genealogists in a webinar for Legacy Family Tree Webinars in 2011. I frequently present on how to use Scrivener at genealogy conferences and for webinars.

I have rounded up a list of five FREE Scrivener resources to help you get started so you can share your stories. Three of the resources are products I have created and the remaining two are general resources.

1. Scrivener Software Free Trial.  You can try Scrivener for free for 30 days (and that is 30 days of actual use, not calendar days)And if you decide you like it, and wish to buy the full version, I have a special discount code for you.

Use LisaAlzo at checkout to save 20% off of your purchase of a regular license using the links below:

Scrivener for Mac

Scrivener for Windows

The coupon is NOT valid for Scrivener for iOS (iPhone/iPad). Learn more here.

2. Storyboard Your Family History with Scrivener. Get a basic overview of how to use Scrivener to create a visual outline (storyboard) for all of your writing projects. Click here to access the free presentation and accompanying handout.

3. Scrivener for Genealogists Facebook Group. Interact with fellow genealogists who use Scrivener in a closed Facebook group. In Facebook, search for Scrivener for Genealogists and send a request to join.

4. Scrivener Handouts and Templates. Visit the Free Scrivener Resources page on my website to download the free handout “25 Scrivener Hacks Every Genealogist Should Know“ and the free Ancestor Profile Scrivener template.

5. Free Previews: Scrivener for Genealogists Webinar Series – Legacy Family Tree Webinars. If you are a bonus member of Family Tree Webinars ($49.95 per year), you can watch the five full-length webinars I presented on Scrivener.  You can preview a snippet of each one on Legacy, but must be a bonus subscriber to watch the recordings in their entirety.

Other Resources

Scrivener QuickSheets (PDF)  Because I want you to love using Scrivener as much as I do, I am discounting my popular Scrivener for Genealogists QuickSheet (you can choose Mac or Windows) – Save 50% through 24 January 2018.

Click here to purchase the Mac version PDF – use coupon code: scrivmac50

Click here to purchase the Windows version PDF – use coupon code: scrivwin50

The Write Stuff Genealogy Intensive. Put your writing plan into action through my six-week course that you can start and complete whenever it is most convenient for your schedule. In Week 2, participants are encouraged to use Scrivener to create a storyboard for their writing project. For the month of January, I am offering a $40.00 discount off the regular price. Learn more here.  Use coupon code: writenow to get your discount.

With so many free resources available, there are plenty of ways to learn more about Scrivener. I know once I started using it my writing productivity soared!  Now I can’t imagine starting any writing project without it!

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