Closing the Curtains on 2016! My Year in Review

As we prepare to say farewell to another year, The Accidental Genealogist is ready to close the curtains on 2016 and review highlights from the 12 months, while looking ahead to new goals and more genealogy and writing adventures in 2017!

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2016 Highlights

In my end of year post for 2015, No Looking Back: Why I’m Choosing Myself in 2016, I wrote about how I planned to “choose myself” in 2016 and focus on some specific areas: 

  • Downsizing my physical living space and possessions.
  • Choosing work that fulfills me rather than just taking on any project or doing work for little or no payment, or that doesn’t fit my current business model. 
  • Focusing more on my own writing (including more posts to this blog) and self-publishing 
  • Expanding my work inspiring genealogists and family history writers by offering more personalized instruction through online courses and virtual learning experiences. 
  • Making more time for personal genealogy research and for enjoying life.
If I had to give myself an overall grade, I would probably go with A- because I believe that I was successful in each of the areas I listed. I especially tried to make decisions that were good for my business and focus more on my own writing. I made good progress in clearing out personal clutter and moving towards another goal of eventually changing my living space and location (priority item for 2017).  I also expanded my online educational offerings through webinars and online courses. 

Professional Growth and Satisfaction

One thing I learned in 2016 is how much I truly do enjoy helping others learn how to research their roots and share their family stories.  A few of the professional highlights for me included:

Writing, Writing, and More Writing!
Speaking and Teaching

In 2016 I spent a good bit of time on the road and online delivering lectures.

Online Coaching

One of my favorite jobs during 2016 was as a genealogy and writing coach.

  • I worked with aspiring family history writers through two sold out sessions of The Write Stuff Genealogy Writing Intensive online workshop (in partnership with my friend and colleague, Thomas MacEntee over at HackGenealogy).  And we are about to start a new sold out session on 2 January 2017!
  • I joined the team at GenealogyDOTCoach to help coach those who need help starting their genealogy research or breaking down brick walls in their current family history work.
  • There were other projects as well, making 2016 a year with plenty to do!  

Unfortunately, my own genealogy research was mostly put on hold, but I did make time to search some new online record sets and investigate the possibility of connecting with newly found cousins through DNA matches and contact through social media.

Onward to 2017

Image Credit: Pixabay

I am looking forward to taking on 2017.  It promises to be another year of getting to do what I love–writing and genealogy! 

I have several ideas for books I hope to publish.  I will be working on yet another special issue for Internet Genealogy, and will continue to develop online courses and webinars. Travel will once again fit into the mix.I am excited to be a speaker at a number of conferences again. 

I am especially honored to be the Keynote speaker for the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International’s 16th Genealogical and Cultural ConferenceOctober 17-21, 2017 (in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA). The conference will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel – Pittsburgh International Airport.  I will also be giving three other talks at the conference.  For more information click here.

Finally, each year I select a “theme” that serves as a guidepost for my personal and professional life.  For 2017 I have selected “Brave/Bravery” as my theme.  I want to be open to new possibilities, try out new ideas and throw a number of things out to the universe and see what happens, and not be afraid to take some risks.  

I would also like to thank all of you who follow this blog.  In June 2016 I celebrated 10 years of writing as “The Accidental Genealogist” – thanks for coming along for the journey!

Wishing you a peaceful and productive 2017!

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