Fearless Females 22 March 2016: This is “Her” Life

The prompt for 22 March is to imagine that a movie is being made about one of your female ancestors and to describe what the story would be and to select the actress you imagine starring in the role.

March 22 — If a famous director wanted to make a movie about one of your female ancestors who would it be? What actress would you cast in the role and why?

[Note: This post originally ran during the Fearless Females series in March 2010]

I could only hope for a chance to bring the life stories of my grandmother and mother (from my book, Three Slovak Women) to the big (or even small) screen.

Anna Alzo

I never really thought about who would play my grandmother in the movie version, but I have thought many times that I would like to see my mother portrayed by Catherine Zeta- Jones .

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