Three Things I Learned from the Affiliate Marketing Boot Camp – Here’s Your Chance to Learn Too!

Did you miss the Hack Genealogy Affiliate Marketing Boot Camp on 21 November 2015? I had the privilege of being the moderator for two information-packed sessions  The Basics of Affiliate Marketing and Creative Affiliate Marketing Campaigns and Methods presented by my friend and colleague, Thomas MacEntee.  

We had a full house and there were so many excellent questions by the attendees. Thomas broke down this often difficult-to-grasp concept into an easy-to-follow format, defined the confusing terminology, and provided comprehensive syllabus materials for both sessions. You can now get all of this information in the Affiliate Marketing Boot Camp – To Go! package for a special price of $26.95. Click here to purchase now.

I personally took three full pages of notes during the sessions.  Here are my top three takeaways:

1. There is no “easy” button. There is a bit of a learning curve before you can be successful at this stuff. Different platforms, different accounts, different terms of service, etc. Thomas provided a thorough overview, and even though I have already dipped my toes in the pool, I now I need to do some homework myself to see how I can effectively work affiliate marketing into my business plan.

2. Plan. Plan. Plan. It is not too early to start planning out my campaigns for 2016. Thomas offered some fabulous suggestions and resources and I can’t wait to try them. While everyone else is shopping on Black Friday, I will be home planning my 2016 affiliate marketing strategy!

3. I CAN DO THIS!  Yes there is a learning curve, and I know I have to prepare the groundwork for my success. But..I know I can do this thanks to all of the great tips I learned in this boot camp. 

Below is the official announcement on how you can purchase the “to go” version of Affiliate Marketing Boot Camp.


If you were unable to attend the Affiliate Marketing Boot Camp this past Saturday,  you’re in luck! We’ve packaged the entire event – webinar videos, handouts and freebies – into one product!

We had a enthusiastic crowd with Thomas MacEntee presenting The Basics of Affiliate Marketing and Creative Affiliate Marketing Campaigns and Methods.
Have you ever wanted to earn extra money to support your “genealogy habit” or any other hobby? Maybe you want to supplement your income in order to further your education or upgrade computer equipment? Perhaps you even want to set up a part-time or full-time online business in the genealogy field or some other field? Affiliate marketing may be the perfect resource for your goals.
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[Affiliate Marketing information and images courtesy of Thomas MacEntee, used with permission].
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