Affiliate Marketing Demystified! Register Now for New Boot Camp – 21 November 2015

For the past couple of years I have heard or read about “affiliate marketing” in blogs and podcasts in both the genealogy and writing fields.  I even purchased a few eBooks and watched some webinars on the topic, but quite frankly, I usually came away more questions about what exactly affiliate marketing is or how I could use it to add to my income stream as a freelance writer and instructor. Enter my friend and colleague, Thomas MacEntee, who was willing to sit down with me on several occasions to talk about affiliate marketing (which is basically being paid a commission based on a percentage of sales for advertising a product). Thomas enthusiastically told me about the success he has had over the past year earning affiliate income, and showed me ways I could succeed with it too.

And now you have an opportunity to learn from Thomas during a special Affiliate Marketing Boot Camp on Saturday, 21 November 2015.

Since I started a few months ago, I can see the returns on my investment of time and effort and have been happily putting the money I have earned thus far into a special “Genealogy Fund” account where I can save for conference purchases, trips, and other genea-addictions. When Thomas asked me if I would be willing to team up with him to help moderate this event I didn’t hesitate—my answer was “Yes!”  

Thomas really is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to this stuff, and once he explained to me how affiliate marketing is so much more than just plastering a company’s logo on your blog or website with links to their products, the light bulb finally went off and I could finally see how there is an art to effective affiliate marketing (and you know, as a creative I am all about the art). The more I put into practice the tips I learned from Thomas, the more I realized how I could build affiliate marketing into my own business plan. 

Register now for the Affiliate Marketing Boot Camp and learn how you can do the same!

The 3.5 hour workshop will cover “The Basics of Affiliate Marketing” (morning session 11:15 am EST / 10:15 am CST) and “Creative Affiliate Marketing Campaigns and Methods” (afternoon session 1:00 pm EST /12:00 pm CST). There will be a brief Welcome / Meet & Greet at 11:00 am EST /10:00 am CST and Closing Remarks/Thank You will take place at 2:30 pm EST / 1:30 pm CST.

The Affiliate Marketing Workshop Topics will include:

  • Overview of the Affiliate Marketing Process
  • Why Vendors Love Affiliate Marketing
  • Locating and Registering for Affiliate Marketing Programs
  • Generating Ads, Banners and Links
  • Common Practices and Terms of Service Issues
  • Income and Tax Issues
  • Marketing Your Affiliate Links
  • Tracking Performance and Analytics
  • Using Lead Pages, Email Marketing and Freebies to Boost Leads
  • Tricks and Tips for Effective Affiliate Marketing

You’ll receive over 3 hours of educational content, handouts and freebies for the low price of $29.95! Not only will you walk away with valuable knowledge to get started on your own affiliate marketing campaigns, but you’ll have plenty of time to ask Thomas questions about affiliate marketing issues. 

You can read about all of the details and register by clicking here.  

But don’t delay because space is limited! 

Register by Monday, 16 November 2015 and receive $3 off the registration price for a low $26.95!  And don’t worry, if you register but can’t attend, you’ll still receive the handouts, the freebies and access to the recordings!

Special Incentive: If this workshop sells out, we’ll select one lucky registrant to receive a FULL REFUND on the registration fee!  Selection will be made and announced on Friday, November 20, 2015, if the workshop is a “sellout.”

We hope you will join us!

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All rights reserved