Fearless Females: Educational Resource: Save 20% on Family Tree University’s Finding Female Ancestors Independent Study Course

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Family Tree University is offering a 20% discount on the online Finding Female Ancestors Independent Study course.

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Go to shopfamilytree to purchase the course. 

Enter Coupon Code WOMEN15 to receive the discount.

The discount is good  now through 1 April 2015.

Course Description


  • You want solid strategies for finding females in your family tree
  • You don’t know where to start when tracing maiden names
  • You need a specific solution to your special research problem
  • You want to understand more about the day-to-day life of your female ancestors
  • Marching down your maternal line is no simple task. From missing maiden names to mystifying marriage records, many soon find themselves stumped in their female genealogy. In this independent study course, lessons will help you develop a successful search strategy, recommend a wide range of record sets for rooting out females, and break down the power of what heirlooms such as diaries and old letters say about the ladies in your family line.


  • Developing a successful research strategy for rooting out women in your family tree
  • Tips for teasing out maiden names in a vast variety of record groups
  • Rooting out female ancestors in sources such as oral histories, family traditions, diaries, letters and more
  • Brick wall strategies for solving special research problems


This course assumes you understand the basic principles of genealogy and have done some research on your family history. If you’re a complete beginner, you should take the First Steps: Discover Your Family Tree course.

[Disclaimer: I work as a freelance paid instructor for Family Tree University]

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