2013 Genealogy and Writing Goals: One Month In

Time to say “farewell” to January and “hello” to February. The first month of 2013 is now history, and I decided to see how I did on some of my goals for my genealogy research and writing projects (“Thirteen for ’13“).  

Did I get to everything on my list?  No.  

Did I make progress on some of the items?  Yes.  

What’s Working

I’ve made good progress in my goals for better time management and to work smarter, not harder (#s 8 and 9 on my original list).  I’ve had to make some tough decisions regarding work load and projects (pulling out of some projects that I just didn’t think were right for me at this time, and postponing some others).  I’m also trying to schedule more time for me (#12) including time to exercise, time to laugh, and time to just be still.  I’m also working hard at clearing out the clutter in my house (especially my office–#10).  I am also making a conscious effort to eliminate the negative things that impact my day (#13)–but this can often be a challenge (I was really tested in the past week).  Finally, in general, I am making slow and steady progress on my writing goals (articles and books) and I have a number of speaking engagements and Webinars booked for 2013. 

Where I Can Do Better

I’m still working on my research goals (tracking down great-grandfather’s death record, and finding out more about what happened to some other brick wall ancestors–#s 5-7).  I also want to write more posts for this Blog and get back to contributing to The Catholic Gene. And, I need to get moving on those Kindle and iPad editions of my books (#3).

I plan to check in with my genea-goal buddy, Donna Pointkouski to see how she is doing with her goals for 2013.  I will revisit my list in two months to report on my first quarter progress.

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  1. My goal for 2013 was not to make any goals, so I'm doing pretty good! 😉 Actually, I've managed to find time to work on some of the 2012 ones I missed despite getting back into work & life as well as taking 4 classes. I'm glad you're making progress and I can't wait to talk to you more about it in detail.

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