Sojourn in Slovakia: The Sequel. Day 6: Part III. Exploring Osturňa

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

We drove up to the Penzion and went inside to meet our host Peter Mudrak.  The building was lovely both inside and out.  Peter had previously lived in the U.S. for 10 years (in Chicago) and his English was very good.  He welcomed us and offered us something to drink.

Penzion, Osturna, Slovakia

There was the bar/restaurant area downstairs and the sleeping rooms were upstairs.  They had wi-fi!  My room was quite large – with three beds and a table and chairs.  I had a room close to one of the bathrooms.

My guide/translator, Michal Razus (left) and owner Peter Mudrak (right)
Fireplace inside the Penzion
My sleeping room

After dropping off our bags into the rooms (we were the only guests there), we decided to walk down to the church and cemetery to see what interesting things we could find out about my Osturňa ancestors.  

Photos by Lisa Alzo
Copyright 2012, Lisa A. Alzo
All rights reserved