Sojourn in Slovakia: The Sequel. Departure Day

Thursday, June 14, 2012

After much anticipation, the departure day for my trip to Slovakia finally arrived.  My husband took time out of his work schedule to drive me into the insanity that is the John F. Kennedy airport in New York City so I could catch my flight.   After I hugged and kissed him goodbye, I was able to check my suitcase at the curb with the Delta agent (made the weight limit) and then sailed through the surprisingly short security line.  I had a couple hours until departure (my flight was at 8:15 p.m.) so I bought a snack and then went to sit at the gate.  I snagged a plug so that I could do some work on my iPad and keep it charged for the long flight.  I wanted to finish up some last minute tasks.   

Before long it was time to board.  I was happy to be in “Zone 1” so I got on the plane pretty early and found my seat–an aisle seat.  The flight was going to be full.  When I got to my seat there was a young boy sitting in in the window seat.  He was one of a few unaccompanied minors going to Prague.  As people were boarding there was some scrambling with some to change their seats.  The boy next to me did not want to sit at the window and so they found him another seat.  But then someone else came along to take the vacated window seat.  The next thing I know a guy turns up and asks me if I am traveling by myself.  When I told him I was, he asked if I would switch seats with him so he could sit next to his elderly mother.  I asked if he had an aisle seat.  He did, but as I found out it was in the middle section (The seat I booked was on the right side of plane).  I usually don’t give up my seat (unless it is for a child or an elderly person) because I book my flights way in advance and I select my aisle seats to have more room to stretch out my legs.  But, I was feeling generous so I agreed (cue the good karma here).  Once I moved all of my stuff I settled into my seat (as it turns out the guy then was moving his father around and was holding up the boarding process because he would not sit down–call me very annoyed.  Then during the flight he was rarely in his seat at all–so much for his needing to sit next to his mother). Anyway, we were late taking off and the pilot said we might have a delayed arrival of 20 minutes (not good–I had a very short 45 minute layover in Prague before having to catch a connecting flight to Kosice).  I was nervous about this but decided to go with the “let’s wait and see” instead of panic mode.

The flight was pretty smooth.  They served us dinner (I had chicken but wish I would have selected the pasta).  I did some reading and writing on my iPad, listened to my iPod and finally tried to get a little sleep.  

Soon it was morning.  They served us breakfast and then the plane made its descent into Prague.  The longest part of the journey was over.  Now, would I make my connection?

Copyright 2012, Lisa A. Alzo
All Rights Reserved.