2012 Goals: The Genea-Progress Report First Quarter Review

This post is long overdue.  Here we are nearly at the end of May and I’m finally getting a chance to review and update my 2012 research and writing goals.  I can barely remember the month of April.  I was busy with conferences–Family History Expos in Houston, the Ohio Genealogical Society in Cleveland, and a Slavic Roots seminar in Philadelphia. So, now that I am finally playing “catch up” here is my “report card.”

Writing: I’ve been working on a draft of a new nonfiction book, but the progress has been slow.  However, I had a bit of a breakthrough about a week or so ago and am hopefully back on track for getting the draft complete–new timetable:  working draft by August. I’ve been doing some other writing as well but more about that at a later date.

Research:  I have not had time to work on any of my research projects. Planning to revisit these in June.

Organizing:  I’ve been purging paper files and have attempted to go the paperless route.  I’ve been using Evernote on a regular basis to store notes, web pages, etc.  I’m also trying to convert to digital versions for several magazine subscriptions which helps cut down on the paper clutter.  For example, I now have back issues of Family Tree Magazine 2000 – 2009 on DVD and have donated all of my old print copies to a local organization who has a sale to support the library in my area.  

For the first quarter, I give myself a B-.  I know I can do a better job–my problem is too many priorities and not enough hours in a day.

I will do another review at the six-month point and will be checking in with my genea-goal-buddy, Donna Pointkouski, author of the What’s Past is Prologue Blog.

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2 thoughts on “2012 Goals: The Genea-Progress Report First Quarter Review

  1. You are too hard on your self. Give yourself an A-.
    You should count all the blog articles and conference talks you give to assist everyone with their research. You are fabulous!
    Love your blog! Looking forward to seeing your travel journal on line of your new trip to Slovakia. Loved your classes at Jamboree. See you in San Diego conference in September.

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