Remembering Dad

In memory of my father, John, on the sixth anniversary of his passing away.

Can’t believe it’s been that long since I’ve seen your smile or heard your laugh. I remember that morning when I held your hand as you took your last breath. Saying goodbye to you was one of the most difficult moments I’ve ever had to experience. I am forever grateful for all you gave me and all you taught me. Rest in peace. Love you.

This is his senior class photograph from Duquesne High School.

John Alzo, Duquesne High School, 1943. Original photo & Digital image. Privately held by Lisa Alzo [ADDRESS FOR PRIVATE USE,] New York, 2011

Copyright, 2011, Lisa A. Alzo

3 thoughts on “Remembering Dad

  1. Lisa, with all the activity surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, though I saw the intro on my dashboard, I didn't get a chance to read this post regarding your Dad until now. It is indeed a difficult thing to lose those with whom you've had a lifelong, deep relationship.

    I appreciate your sharing this remembrance on your blog, no matter how difficult it may seem. I wouldn't have said anything here, but when I saw there were no comments to greet you, I just had to leave a few words.

  2. I've lost both my parents – Mom in 2006 and my Dad in 2010. I was blessed to have them here in my home on hospice when they died. Your post about holding your Dad's hand when he took his last breath touched me….I miss both my parents but consider myself very blessed to have been with them at the end. Thanks for sharing your story and allowing me to share mine.

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