Fearless Females: March 14: In the News

March 14 — Newsmakers? Did you have a female ancestor who made the news? Why? Was she famous or notorious? Did she appear in the social column?

My aunt Sr. Camilla Alzo wrote this letter to the local newspaper in Duquesne, Pennsylvania, dated 20 January 1955. A fellow genealogist who is indexing newspaper items for the historical society in my hometown came across this clipping and sent it to me. She took such care in writing a simple letter of thanks.

I’ve always thought that perhaps my aunt was an indirect influence on my decision to become a writer.

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2 thoughts on “Fearless Females: March 14: In the News

  1. Well…I couldn't quite read the full newspaper article. I thought it might open in a new window and be larger but it wouldn't do that for me, darn!

    This got my attention because just yesterday I found a Letter to the Editor written by my great grandmother in 1921. I was so excited I stayed up until 2 am preparing a blog for it.(to be posted later this week) I couldn't get the clipping to show up on my blog to my satisfaction so I just did a transcription with a link to the actual newspaper page.

    Back in 1907 this same great grandmother visited other relatives of mine in Victoria, Texas which caught my eye in the clipping you posted.

  2. I'm new to genea-blogging and have thoroughly enjoyed visiting your blog during your Fearless Females celebration this month. This post in particular caught my eye and I've just posted information about a fearless female in my family tree on my blog today as well.

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