How Are You Doing? On Those 2011 Goals/Resolutions?

We’re now through the first month of the New Year (hard to believe, isn’t it?). So, I thought this was a good time to check my progress on the genealogy/writing goals I listed in my “Eleven for ’11” post.

Here are the goals I set followed by a report on what I’ve done so far.

1. Follow up on researching my Alzo ancestors using information I obtained from my trip to Slovakia this summer.

Doing quite well with this goal. I’ve been finding quite a few records in various databases, old newspapers and more. I’ll be writing more about specific discoveries in future blog posts

2. Publish revised editions (and electronic versions) of my books, Three Slovak Women and Baba’s Kitchen.

Making steady progress on this goal. Hope to have both available in the next month.

3. Try to find out more about my grandmother’s brother who stayed in Slovakia.
Located burial information and a death certificate so far.

4. Publish a new book.
Working on this.

5. Explore genealogy in Second Life.
Have signed up for my account. Need to learn the ropes before I can really participate in meetings, etc.

6. Book additional speaking engagements–including some remote/virtual lectures.
Signed on for four major conferences and three other engagements thus far.

7. Blog more frequently and try to use Twitter more for genealogical purposes.

Not doing so well on this. Been too busy with some of the other items on this list. But hope to do better.

8. Continue to expand my freelance writing career.

Working on this. Have several assignments.

9. Write for at least 15 minutes per day (about ancestors or topics not associated with assignments or deadline projects).
Happy to say that I have been faithfully doing this task.

10. Finish organizing my father’s scrapbook of his basketball days.


11. Purge, purge, purge the clutter! Organize all the other!

Making slow, but steady progress!

I hope to keep my momentum going so that I can reach all of my goals. I’ll post periodic updates.

So…how are you doing on your goals?

3 thoughts on “How Are You Doing? On Those 2011 Goals/Resolutions?

  1. Lisa,

    I am really impressed. I mean it. I know a ton of talented genealogists and genealogy bloggers, and of them all I admire you the most for doing a million things – and all of them well! I should ask you to be my research goal buddy a la Denise & Amy and maybe I'll achieve more with you kicking me in the butt (er, I mean continually encouraging me. I've been doing well on a few of my 11 goals, but it's time to get into high gear on the rest!

    Congrats on being so productive so soon in the year. If you keep it up, you'll no doubt meet all of your research and writing goals this year. You're an inspiration to us all!

    What's Past is Prologue

  2. Denise: Thanks for the encouragement! I really like that you and Amy are working on the research buddy system to reach your goals.

    Donna: Thank you. It means a lot coming from you. I'll be happy to be your research goal buddy. I can kick pretty well! LOL!

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