My “Family History Three”: Focusing My Research

I can’t believe the first week of January is almost gone! How are you doing on your family history research resolutions? I’ve been thinking about mine a lot this week, and I decided I really need to have a focus for my 2011 genealogy quests.

There are always “too many ancestors and too little time.” And, while I’m always open to whatever discoveries I make during the research process, this year I will focus my attention specifically on three ancestors.

1. Janos Alzyso (my great-grandfather).

He intrigues me because of various family stories I heard during my trip to Slovakia this summer. In particular, I learned about his coming to America more than once (he was one of the so-called “birds of passage” who would spend some time here to earn enough money to then go back to the old country with the hopes of being able to purchase land. I hope to track him through immigration/emigration, census records, and whatever other documents I can locate.

3. Borbola Manovsky – my great-grandmother.

I know very little about her so hope to find out whatever I can. She died the same year (just a few months apart) as her son (my grandfather), and I thought this was an interesting coincidence.

3. Istvan (Stefan) Sztraka (Straka) – my grandmother’s brother.

He stayed in Slovakia and served in the army. I saw his gravestone during my visit, but want to learn more about his life.

I will call these my “Family History Three”. I’ll blog about the search process and results as I find them. And, by doing so, I hope to possibly connect with new cousins and/or hear from any fellow researchers who have any information about these individuals.

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  1. Thanks for posting. I find your genealogical search fascinating, though I am a novice myself. The notion of a "bird of passage" is a touching one. It is cool of you to salute the sacrifices of your ancestors.

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