A Word of Thanks: For My Ancestors

This Thanksgiving, I reflect on the many sacrifices my ancestors made along the way that have enabled me to have the opportunities, privileges and experiences I enjoy today. I’m grateful to my great-grandfather, Jan, who did not back down against the feudal Lord regarding land he was promised. He and his brothers stood up for what they believed was the right thing, and they secured property for their descendants. I’m grateful to my grandparents (Jan, Erzebet, Janos, and Verona) who journeyed to America, leaving behind their loved ones and everything they knew in order to have a better life. At times, they must have questioned their decisions, but they worked hard and persisted through terrible working and living conditions, the Depression, and trying personal circumstances. I’m grateful to my parents for passing on the values their parents passed on to them: Work hard; fear God, respect others, show kindness, and how to persevere through adversity. Sometimes these values clash with what now seems to be the “norm” in society today where dishonesty, rude behavior, and selfishness seem to abound. But for today, I plan to focus on the good–remembering my ancestors, and my blessings.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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One thought on “A Word of Thanks: For My Ancestors

  1. Great post, Lisa. I'm glad our ancestors didn't have to deal with cell phones, DVRs, dead car batteries and Red Roof Inns! We still have things much easier than everything they went through. Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!

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