Sojourn in Slovakia: Day 9 – Saying Farewell

We said farewell to Stevo at the Kosice airport–he was the best guide. We then took a cab to Hotel Bankov. We paused for a moment outside to take this picture of our luggage and all of the extra items (gifts from our relatives) we had to squeeze in.

After just a few hours of sleep, we had to rise at 3:00 to get a cab to the airport for our 5:00 a.m. flight to Prague.

We had a long layover and enjoyed some time relaxing in the priority lounge thanks to Andy’s generosity.

We then boarded the plane for the long flight back to JFK airport. The plane was full so we were not able to spread out to sleep. Ginny and I spent time watching two movies and looking at photographs from the trip on our laptops. When we touched down, I was happy and relieved to be back in the USA, but carried with me so many fond memories of the time spent in my ancestral homeland. I’m looking forward to going back again!

This ends my “Sojourn in Slovakia” series. Thanks for coming along with me as I recounted my journey!

Photos by Lisa A. Alzo, June 9, 2010

Copyright 2010 Lisa A. Alzo

All Rights Reserved

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