Sojourn in Slovakia: Day 8 (Part 2)

We drove to Košice and before we had to return the rental car we went in search of Andy’s Rabatin relatives. It took us a bit, but we finally found the street and the house. Just as everyone else we had met, they were so welcoming, serving us sandwiches and pastries, and drinks.

We had a lovely visit. Ginny and I were so thrilled that Andy was finally getting his “WDYTYA moment,” even if it was on the final day. He said that based on some misinformation he received from a researcher before his last visit to Slovakia, he wasn’t going to follow up with them. And, he wasn’t even sure he would get a chance to meet with them, but it all worked out. It just proves that it really isn’t too late, and that you should never take information at face value. It pays to investigate every lead.

It was getting a bit late and we needed to return our rental car and then catch a cab to the hotel and do our final packing. If only we had more time.
to be continued…

Photos by Lisa A. Alzo, June 9, 2010

Copyright 2010 Lisa A. Alzo

All Rights Reserved