Sojourn in Slovakia: Day 5 (Part 5)

One of the highlights of the trip for me was a visit to the Mayor’s office in Kučín. It’s a very simple looking building on the outside.

Unfortunately, the Mayor was out of town that day, but we got to see his office. Ginny, Andy and I were each asked to write something on our own page to have inserted into the visitor’s book accompanied by our photographs.

I wrote the following:

“I am so happy to finally visit the town of my grandfather Jan Alzo who went to America in 1910. I Kucin I am home.”

I signed my name, listed my hometown and the date.

It was a special honor for me to have this official welcome in my grandfather’s village.

to be continued…

Photos by Lisa A. Alzo, June 7, 2010

Copyright 2010 Lisa A. Alzo

All Rights Reserved