Sojourn in Slovakia: Day 5 (Part 1)

I could hardly sleep Sunday night in anticipation of what Day 5 (Monday) would bring. I was about to meet my cousin Renata and her husband Robert for the first time. They live in London and we had been corresponding by e-mail for many months–sharing family information and photographs. When I found out that they would be visiting her parents in Slovakia during the time I would be there I knew that serendipity was somehow intervening to bring us together.

Andy, Ginny and I headed out to ŠARIŠ PARK to meet Renata and Robert for breakfast–then we would drive about an hour to Kučín, where I was set to meet Renata’s parents and other Alzo family members.

It was wonderful to finally hug my beautiful cousin, Renata.

We enjoyed a lovely breakfast and great conversation as everyone became acquainted. Robert and Renata spoke excellent English. We then set out for Kučín. I rode in the car with Robert and Renata so we could chat more about family. Andy and Ginny followed in their car. I was delighted that they wanted to come along with me on this journey to meet my family. Fellow genealogists are great like that…they just get it.

My brain was functioning over time trying to take in the scenery of the drive as well as all of the details of the conversation. As we approached Kučín I could feel my heart beating faster–it was my Grandpap Alzo’s village.

I never knew my grandfather because he died before I was born. I have pictures of him and plenty of stories from my father, my cousins and others who did know him. But in that moment I felt like I would finally be introduced to Grandpap–even if it was only a scene played out in my mind.

to be continued…

All photos by Lisa A. Alzo

Copyright 2010, Lisa A. Alzo
All Rights Reserved