Sojourn in Slovakia: Day 2 (Part 2)

I got out of the car to take a photograph of the sign. I brought my book Three Slovak Women so I could be photographed with it in Milpoš. I proudly held the book up to the sign to symbolically mark that the Three Slovak Women had finally come full circle–we were all finally home.

Photo by Lisa A. Alzo

Copyright 2010 Lisa A. Alzo

I held back the tears as I thought how much my mother would have loved this moment. I know she was with me in spirit, along with my grandmother. What a journey it had been. One that had begun 88 years ago (88 years!), when my grandmother left her village to begin her new life in America. I am so thankful to her for her courage to leave her family, her beautiful village and all that was familiar to her. Any anxiety I had during my travels over to Slovakia disappeared as I thought of all my grandmother endured when she crossed the ocean. Instead of several hours on a plane, it took her several weeks by boat–not to mention a wagon ride out of the village and the train ride before she got to her port of departure. She had no modern conveniences and was just 22 years-old, traveling with her 16-year old niece.

All these thoughts raced through my mind as I stood on that road to Milpošeager to see who and what I would discover.

to be continued…

Copyright 2010 Lisa A. Alzo

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