Sojourn in Slovakia

I have just returned from my first sojourn in Slovakia–my ancestral homeland.  It was all I imagined and much more.  While there I was able to visit three out of four of my ancestral villages: Kucin, Possa, and Milpos.  I missed out on seeing Osturna (my maternal grandfather’s hometown) so I will have to save that one for next time (yes, I am already planning in my mind when I could go back and a list of places I want to see).

View from the home where we stayed in Uzovske Peklany

During the trip, I recorded my thoughts and experiences in a journal, and plan to share some of them on this Blog in a series of posts along with photographs.

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One thought on “Sojourn in Slovakia

  1. How wonderful for you – and us that you'll be sharing some of your journey. I did the same thing soon after the Wall fell and am still reflecting on and processing the experiences. I think you'll find it will never leave you.

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