Fearless Females Blog Post: March 26 — Education

March 26 — What education did your mother receive?  Your grandmothers? Great-grandmothers?  Note any advanced degrees or special achievements.

My mother graduated from high school but did not go to college (her parents could not afford it). Mom was very smart and good at math.  But she went to work after high school and after she married my father worked part time.  I think she sometimes regretted not being able to go to college, and she worked very hard to make sure I was able to, and was so proud that I went to graduate school to earn my M.F.A. degree.

My grandmothers each had what was  likely the equivalent of an 8th grade education, but by no means were they unintelligent women.  They were at a disadvantage being immigrants and, but somehow they managed their households, raised their children, were able to hold down jobs speaking very little English.

Copyright 2010, Lisa A. Alzo