Fearless Females Blog Post: March 7 — Recipes

March 7 – Share a favorite recipe from your mother or grandmother’s kitchen.  Why is this dish your favorite?  If you don’t have one that’s been passed down, describe a favorite holiday or other meal you shared with your family.

My favorite meal was Palancinka (palacinky) – A Slovak crepe.  I have this recipe in my book: Baba’s Kitchen: Slovak & Rusyn Family Recipes and Traditions. My grandmother used to make them for me for lunch – they were and remain one of my favorites!

1 c. flour
1-½ c. milk
2 eggs
2 tbsp. sugar
1 tbsp. oil
⅛ tsp. salt 

Combine all ingredients beat until smooth.

Heat a small amount of Crisco in a skillet (an omelet pan works nicely).  Pour a small amount of batter into skillet and spread around in the skillet (like making a crepe).  Cook until brown, then flip over and brown other side.  Turn onto a plate.  Repeat until all batter is used. 

Fill with cottage cheese and jelly (any flavor)*.  Roll.  Then drizzle some melted browned butter on top.

*You can use a variety of fillings for these “pancakes,” and even top with sour cream instead of melted butter

Copyright 2010 Lisa A. Alzo