Fearless Females Blog Post: March 2 – Photo

March – Post a photo of one of your female ancestors. Who is in the photo? When was it taken? Why did you select this photo?

This is my grandmother, Elizabeth Fencsak (Fencak) Alzo. She died when I was two-years old so I do not remember her. I chose this photo because she is showing a slight smile. From what I learned by talking to family members, she was a strong, stubborn woman, but I also learned that she had a sense of humor. This was a posed photo that was taken when she was employed by Kennywood Amusement Park in West Mifflin, PA.
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One thought on “Fearless Females Blog Post: March 2 – Photo

  1. Hi Lisa,

    How did I miss your blog??? Awesome job – after reading a couple of your posts, I immediately clicked on "Follow."

    Thank you for the blogging prompts to honor our women ancestors – Fearless Females. What a great idea.


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