Ten in ’10

Yesterday, I posted about my Top Ten Genealogical Successes for 2009. Today, following in the footsteps of other fellow Geneabloggers, I’m posting ten genealogy/writing goals I have for 2010.

1. Spend at least 15 minutes per day searching for information on those elusive ancestors in my family tree.

2. Publish a new book.

3. Do whatever it takes to accomplish #2—specifically, must devote a designated amount of time each day to writing.

4. Get organized! (I hate to file—must make an effort to keep the clutter away!).

5. Finally visit Slovakia to connect with relatives and perform research in the Presov archives.

6. Develop several remote/virtual lectures and market them to various groups and organizations.

7. Review options for converting at least two of my books into electronic format to make them available via download for digital readers.

8. Find court documents and newspaper accounts related to the murder of one of my ancestors.

9. Blog more.

10. Expand my freelance writing career.

© 2009, copyright Lisa A. Alzo

2 thoughts on “Ten in ’10

  1. I would love to be able to purchase your books as a digital reader. Good idea!
    I am interested in your "virtual lectures" That sounds like a great idea.
    Will you be at Jamboree again this year? Your talks were so good.

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