Advent Calendar: December 13,, 2009: Holiday Travel

Holiday Travel
Did you or your ancestors travel anywhere for Christmas? How did you travel and who traveled with you? Do you remember any special trips?

Until I was in college I never had to travel at Christmas because most of my family lived close by. We spent most holidays at my grandparents’ house and they lived just a few blocks away. After college, I lived in New Jersey for a year and a half and missed two Christmases at home, but one of those years my parents came to visit me. Then for the next four years I lived back at home while going to graduate school so did not have to travel to see my family. In 1995, I moved to New York but went back to Pittsburgh nearly every year to spend Christmas with my parents and extended family. Now that my parents have passed away I am content to spend Christmas at home with my husband. Sure, I miss the old times–lots of great memories–but I prefer not to have to travel at the holidays so it’s nice to just relax and enjoy the time off.