Treasure Chest Thursday: 09/10/09: Pendant

This is a pendant that my godmother, Helen, gave to me a few years ago. The front has the cover from my book Three Slovak Women etched on it. The back has the inscription”Three Slovak Women” 2001 (the publication date of my book). This pendant attracts attention. I’ve had flight attendants, store clerks, airport TSA agents, fellow genealogists, and recently, even a complete stranger in line in front of me at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Connecticut ask me about it. “Where did I get it?” What is the significance of the picture (the photos of my mother, my grandmother, and me)?” and comments as to how they’ve “never seen anything like it,” “that’s really nice,” and so on…

Whenever I wear this pendant it is a tribute to my mother and grandmother–keeping these two very special women close to my heart–literally and figuratively.

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