I came across this article from the Associated Press today. Sleuthing as a calling? A very interesting twist on searching for the dead.

Amateurs solve mysteries of the unnamed dead
Volunteers use modern technology to put names to unidentified bodies

updated 1:03 p.m. ET, Sat., March. 29, 2008

LIVINGSTON, Tenn. – Four days a week, Todd Matthews earns $11.50 an hour working for an automotive parts supplier. After work he drives half a mile to his little beige house on a hill where he spends the next seven hours immersed in a very different world.

The faces seem to float from his computer — morgue photographs, artist sketches, forensic reconstructions — thousands of dead eyes staring from Web sites as though crying out for recognition. John and Jane and Baby “Does” whose bodies have never been identified.

His wife, Lori, complains that Matthews, 37, spends more time with the dead than he does with the living. You need a hobby, she says, or a goal.

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