Vying for Pierogy Pride

If you love pierogies (pirohi/pirhohy), you might want to cast your vote for the Capital of the Piergoy Pocket of America. Mrs T’s Pierogy’s is sponsoring the contest. You will have to hurry though – the deadline is 11:59 p.m tonight – Tuesday. October 23rd!

Just go to www.pierogypocket.com and click on “Meet the Cities & Vote Now.” The finalists are:

Binghamton, NY
Buffalo, NY
Clifton, NJ
Lancaster, NY
Whiting, IN

Since my hometown of Pittsburgh is not included in the list, I will have to cast my vote for another city!

Of course, I am a bit biased though because to me nobody makes pirohi like my Slovak Baba did!

The winner will be announced next month, and the city or organization will will be awarded $10,000 for a community endeavor of their choice.