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Long Time, No See? by Linda Rakita

Tip of the Month: City Directories.

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Long Time, No See?
by Linda Rakita

Have you ever wondered what happened to your best friend fromgrade school? Did a favorite uncle vanish years ago? Do you longto reminisce with a military buddy? How about reconnect with along lost love? Would you like to voice your appreciation to afavorite teacher whose whereabouts are now unknown? Recall youthful memories with your first roommate? Or are you an adoptee, adoptive parent or birth parent longing to learn the secrets hidden behind that closed door? We all have at least a few people from our past who havemade a lasting impression upon our hearts. Dear family and friends with whom we yearn to reconnect. But how do we find them? Where do we look? What tools do we need? Who will help melearn how to search? And oh gosh! What in the world do wesay to them when we do make contact! The answers to these and other questions are close at hand. offers online investigative courses that walk you through each step of your unique journey and intopost-reunion. In eight easy to understand lessons accessible from the privacy of your home, learn the tricks of thetrade and the systems and secrets of an investigative search specialist. Eight chats provide the forum for any questions and concerns that arise. Many who yearn for reunion spend thousands of dollars to hire an investigator for one specific search.

Offered through at a fraction of that cost, you can learn to become your own investigator, equipped with the knowledge and tools to conduct as manysearches as you wish. Once you learn the ins and outs of searching,the sky is the limit!

Before you know it, friends and family will be asking youto look for special people from their pasts. Your little brother wants to findhis junior high school wrestling coach. Your widowed mother is curious about her first love. Your spouse wants to see what can be foundon the contractor hired to repave the driveway. And your best friend hasbeen begging you to find his zany Uncle Murray…

What about you? If you have someone who lives lovingly in your memory(and honestly, who doesn’t?), come join our class for the trip of a lifetime! Our next Adoption Investigative Course and Lost Friends andFamily Investigative Courses begin September 3, 2007.

Why not enroll today and learn how to turn that question markinto an exclamation point!
Tip of the Month:City Directories
Are you looking for someone in your generation or a previousgeneration who has moved and for whom you can find noforwarding address? Try city directories and look at the neighbors to contact. Some may still be there and may bein touch with their old friends! See


SEPTEMBER 2007: Classes start Monday, September 3, 2007

* Adoption Investigative Class: Detailed search advice and assistance for successfully locating andreuniting adoptees and birth families.

* Canadian Research – Part1: This course does more than get you started. It takes you deepinto some of the country’s best records – many on the Internet.

* Family Tree Maker 16 – Advanced: Advanced features, like books, trees, reports and web sites.

* Lost Friends and Family Investigative Class: Detailed search advice and assistance on the methods to use forsuccessfully tracing “lost” relatives and friends.

* Native American Genealogy:Learn how to start your research for your Native American Ancestors.

* Salt Lake City – Part 1: Access the largest genealogical library in the world. Perform searches, knowledgeably; and understand what you’ve found.

* Write Your Family History Step-by-Step: How to write your own family history, – a detailed, step-by-step guide.

OCTOBER 2007: Classes start October 4, 2007

* Adoption Investigative Class: Detailed search advice and assistance for successfullylocating and reuniting adoptees and birth families.

* Canadian Research – Part2: This course picks up where Part 1 ended. Here you will learn toknowledgeably use even more detailed records,many of which are on-line.

* Jump Start Your Genealogy! Just where do you start if you are interestedin your family tree? – detailed instructions.

* Lost Friends and Family Investigative Class: Detailed search advice and assistance on the methods to usefor successfully tracing “lost” relatives and friends.

* Salt Lake City – World’s largest Genealogical Library- Part 2: Continuing on from Part 1, this course takes you into the sections that most people never use – and what a mistake that is!

* Scottish Genealogy: Learn about civil registration, censuses, church records, handwriting,Soundex systems, reference books, an introduction to Internet research. Learn more at for a class at
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— LISA ALZO, Newsletter Editor

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