Partners With World Vital Records, Inc. To Increase Access To A Half-Billion Records

If, like me, you frequently use historical newspapers for your genealogical research, then you should be as pleased as I was by the following announcement from World Vital Records. I can’t wait to search these newly added records.

Provo, UT, August 27, 2007 —, the largest newspaper database available online, has partnered with World Vital Records Inc.’s Web sites ( and in a unique way to provide increased access to a half billion records from newspapers ranging from 1759-1923.
“Historical newspapers contain valuable information about our ancestors, which may not have been preserved in any other form. By making these records easily accessible, we hope they can become a part of someone’s family history,” said Jeff Kiley, General Manager,

The uniqueness of this partnership stems from the way in which World Vital Records, Inc. will extract vital record information from the newspapers and place it on its site.
“We wanted to have vital record information from early American newspapers. has allowed us to extract this information from their newspapers that cover the first 160-years of their collection,” said Yvette Arts, Director, Content Acquisition, World Vital Records, Inc.

With this partnership, will provide several million pages of vital record data (approximately a half-billion online records), which will be available for subscribers at

“In my mind, this collection of newspapers is as valuable as the censuses because it contains similar information, with the occasional benefit of additional family data. I’m really excited about this partnership and for the increased access it will allow our viewers to experience,” said David Lifferth, President, World Vital Records, Inc.

Once the material from has been launched, the data will be available for free at for a ten-day period. The first release of the data will include 40 million records. Subsequent releases will follow totaling more than a half-billion records. Some links to the data will also be available at (World Vital Records Inc.’s new genealogy social network).

“Reading these newspapers from the 18th and 19th centuries are the closest we can get to actually experiencing that time period ourselves. Whether a newspaper helps to uncover a birth record or simply someone’s life profession, it can provide valuable facts that help solve those unanswered questions,” said Leslie Fredericks-Leamon, Web Marketing Strategist,