A Positive Review

As an author you always hope that your final product has lived up to your expectations. When I first proposed the idea of my newest book, Sports Memories of Western Pennsylvania to Arcadia Publishing, I had a very specific vision. I did not want the book to be “just another book to sing the praises of the successful professional sports teams from Pittsburgh.” I was inspired to write this book for local hometown athletes like my father, who played sports not because of the money, but because they loved the game. I wanted to write a book that focused on the historical and local athletes but still noted the championships which earned Pittsburgh the bragging rights as the “City of Champions.”

So, I was pleased to read the first review of the book in the McKeesport Daily News. The reviewer wrote: “Finally, an entirely different sports book has been released. Sports Memories of Western Pennsylvania showcases pictures from Pittsburgh’s sporting past, but does so in a nostalgic fashion that many older readers will appreciate…” “The rare photos featuring local teams are what make this book a keeper.”

Click here to read the full review. This is more than I could have hoped for and made all of the effort and hard work both Alby Oxenreiter and I put into this project more than worth it.


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