Seeking Recipes

Would you like to see your favorite family recipe included in the next edition of Baba’s Kitchen?

I am currently gathering recipes for a follow-up to the popular, Baba’s Kitchen: Slovak & Rusyn Family Recipes and Traditions.

Submissions for More From Baba’s Kitchen: A Taste of America and Eastern Europe, are now being accepted. Use the quick and easy submission form located on the Baba’s Kitchen Web site: Click here to access this form.

Instructions for submission:

Recipes must be either for a favorite American dish or Eastern European specialty and must include complete measurements and detailed instructions; accompanying photographs will also be accepted (but may not be used). Recipes must not violate any U.S. or foreign copyright guidelines. Recipes will be tested prior to publication.

Submission of a recipe does NOT guarantee it will be included in the book. If your recipe is chosen you will be contacted with further details.

NOTE: The publisher is unable to pay for recipes used, but you will get full credit for your submission.

Thank you for your help!