Thanks to the CNYGS

Just wanted to send out a big “thank you” to the Central New York Genealogical Society who hosted me today as the speaker for their May meeting. I enjoyed meeting everyone and talking about Eastern European Research and Immigrant Cluster Communities.

A special thanks to the nice lady who paid me a compliment. During my second talk, I showed a photo I posted on this blog before taken when I was nine when my grandmother made me wear a cloth with sauerkraut around my neck – a Slovak home remedy for the mumps! I don’t want to name names, but this lady said, “You haven’t changed a bit since that photograph – you still look the same!” I replied, “Bless You.” That made my day!

My presentations and handouts will be available on the CNYGS web site in about 2 weeks.

Thanks again!

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  1. The Blogosphere isn’t so big when one Pittsburgher runs into another. Even when one resides in New York and the other in Ohio.

    The memmories of Saturday afternoons at Pitt Stadium are still clear in my mind. And so are the trips I took to West Virginia. Including West Virginia Wesleyan when I was the manager for the Point Park College basketball team!

    Putting all that aside, you have an interesting blog. Which seals the deal. I’ve included you in the first edition of Surfer’s PARADISE.

    Should you have an opportunity to come for a look I’m interested in what thoughts you have.

    Something that may be of interest, my Italian name Machione was changed to McCune by the English and Scottish that worked with my great grandfather on the railroad.

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