Genealogy Tips: Let Others Know About Your Research

One of the key steps in genealogical research is to consult home and family sources for photographs, documents, and other items which will provide information about your ancestors. Sometimes you may not have direct access to such materials, but perhaps others in your family have them stored away in a closet, drawer, or box in their attics or basements. You should let everyone in both your immediate and extended family know that you are performing family history research. It may happen that if an aunt, uncle, or cousin knows that you are looking for information they may decide to send it to you instead of throwing it away. This happened to me during the course of my genealogical research. Read my article, “If You Don’t Want Them…Shred Them,” which appears in the current Nase Rodina, newsletter of the Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International. Click here to download a PDF version of the article from my Web site.