In Celebration of Women’s History Month: Honoring my Mother and Grandmother

For Women’s History month, I would like to give mention to my mother and grandmother–two amazingly strong and loving women who helped to make me who I am today. I celebrate their determination and strength.

My mother (left) and grandma (right) in a photo from my high school graduation

My grandmother, Verona Straka Figlar (left) and her niece Mary Straka c. 1922

To celebrate these two wonderful women, I wrote an article a few years ago based on a presentation I made at the 2003 CZECHOSLOVAK SOCIETY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES conference:

Silent Voices: Idenfiying the Historical Significance of Slovak Immigrant Women

which appears in: Selected Papers from the 2003 SVU North American Conference, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 26-28 June 2003.