“March Madness”

If you’re a fan of college basketball, then you’ve no doubt heard of “March Madness” – the colloquial term for the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship tournament, also known as the “Big Dance.” The tournament takes place over three weeks at different sites across the U.S. leading to the national semi-finals or “final four.” It consists of both dynasty teams and underdogs and has created a lot of friendly wagering on who will win in the form of “office pools.”

What do sports have to do with genealogy? In my article, Learning More About Your Athletic Ancestors, Ancestry Magazine March/April 2005, I write about how to research the athletes in your family tree (and even offer research tips if your ancestors weren’t on the team).

Use some of the tips in this article and stir up a little of your own “March Madness” this month.