Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness

Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness was established in 1999 as a global volunteer organization. Before the Internet, it was necessary to travel great distances or use snail mail to obtain documentation for our family history research, especially if we live in areas other than the places where our ancestors lived. But with the Web, searching for information has become a bit easier. However, contrary to popular misconceptions, not all information can be found online. Researchers still need to occasionally cross the barriers of time and distance with more traditional research practices. And sometimes all of us can use a little help and kindness when it comes to our genealogy. With volunteers in every U.S. state and many international locations, RAOGK volunteers have helped thousands of researchers through tasks such as locating courthouse records to taking pictures of tombstones. The volunteers never ask to be reimbursed for their time, only their expenses. And, a “Thank You.” If you use RAGOK’s services, pay it forward and help someone else in return!