Makes it All Worthwhile

“Lisa, you have given life to a whole period of time and a whole generation of immigrants…thank you!..”

The above quote was part of an e-mail message I received today regarding my two Arcadia books, Slovak Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh’s Immigrants. The message was from a woman (I will only use her initials–“M.B.”) who purchased both books (her family is featured in a couple of photographs I included in Slovak Pittsburgh) and she just wanted me to know how much she enjoyed and appreciated these two collections of historic photographs.

Messages like these help to give me a boost on those days when I don’t feel particularly inspired as a writer, and validate that I am on the right track when I focus my writing on telling the life stories of immigrants and the communities in which they lived.

This message could not have come at a better time as I enter the final stages of finishing my forthcoming Arcadia book, Sports Memories of Western Pennsylvania. Thank you to “M.B.” for the encouraging words!

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  1. Lisa, yesterday when I was presenting one of our computer classes for our local genealogical society, one of our very senior members pulled out the latest issue of Internet Genealogy and pointed out your article, “23 Websites to Fire Up Your Family History.” He gave a rave review to the other members and told us that he was having a lot of fun checking out all the recommended websites.

    Just wanted to let you know you have a fan base of all ages here in Spokane!

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