Another Hidden Genealogical Gem

This is another post in my series on “Hidden Genealogical Gems.” The other day I was going through my paternal grandmother’s prayer book.

It is written in Slovak, which is interesting in itself. However, it was more what she had inside the book that was of value. I found several slips of paper containing prayers that my grandmother had copied down in her own handwriting. In amongst some funeral cards for family and friends, there were also some photographs – one of my father as a very young boy, and other of him when he entered the Navy during WW2 (AGE 18), and a picture of my mother when she was about 19 or 20.

I am very honored to have my grandmother’s prayer book. I don’t remember my paternal grandmother. I have photographs of the two of us together, but I did not know her. She died when I was just two years old.